Sometimes it’s the little things that sets your event or party apart from all the others. We offer several additional services to help make that happen. Click on any of the sections below to get more information on our additional event entertainment services.

Video Services

Sometimes still images aren’t quite enough to capture memories. Why not utilize our videography services to record those memories property?

You can check out some of our Wedding Videos by clicking here.

Ceremony Multi-Cam
The ceremony is filmed from different angles using multiple cameras. This allows you to watch your ceremony as it happened. From the bridal processional, to the vows that were exchanged, you will be able to relive your ceremony all over again.

Reception Multi-Cam
The reception is also filmed from different angles using multiple cameras. This is the time where heart-felt words are shared, cakes are cut, flowers are tossed and fun is had by all. We make sure to capture these special moments so that you can relax and enjoy the celebration without the fear of missing anything.

Highlights Reel
The highlights reel is a collection of shots from throughout the day, edited to music. This is the part your family and friends will want to watch. We take our favorite shots and edit them together into a video filled with many of the things that made your wedding day the amazing day that it was.

Photo Booth Rentals

If you’ve been to an event or wedding reception lately, you know that photo booths ad so much fun to the party. We offer photo booth rentals as a part of our services.

The moments that photo booths capture can’t be duplicated.

Imagine your guests on the brink of being silly…now add props…and four quickly-timed photos. Photobooths are a great and cost-effective way to get hundreds more photos from your event with your guests in their most “unique” moments.

From the simplest of booths, to video messages to green-screen technology (this is where you can input any background to a photo you want), we can help you find the right one for your event.

All booths include:
• On-Site Technician
• Props
• Memory Album (where your guests can paste photos with a special message)
• 48-hour post event uploads
• Full photo (and video if applicable) DVD
• Crazy, fun moments

Event Lighting

Music sets the mood, but the lighting sets the stage. If you’re going to be holding a special event, then you’ll definitely want to consider our lighting services.



Transform your venue into something breathtaking. One of the “must-haves” for weddings in the past few years, uplighting gives you the opportunity to choose the color of your room…and make it glow.

With millions of colors to choose from, your room can perfectly match your colors, which will bring cohesion to your event’s appearance while having your guests (as well as yourself) will be in awe.

Cleveland Photo Booth Rentals